The Friends of Sutter’s Fort is a nonprofit 501 c 3 organization dedicated to the enhancement, preservation and protection of Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, and educational and interpretive programs at the park. We are a Cooperating Association for California State Parks since 2006, although the history of our organization can be traced back to 1979.

Restoration and Preservation Efforts


The Friends of Sutter’s Fort is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the restoration, educational and interpretive programs at Sutter's Fort State Historic Park.  One of our priorities is funding critical restoration projects.  

We are proud to be funding the painting of the interior walls of Sutter's Fort, a project that is set to begin in September, 2017.  This project is projected to cost over $100,000 and will take several months to complete. Friends of Sutter's Fort and the Department of Parks and Recreation are working together to minimize impacts on visitors.  

In addition to the painting of the interior walls, we are proud to have provided over $800,000 in restoration funding to support the following projects in just the last few years: 

  • Rebuilding the Carpenter's Ramada
  • Painting of the Exterior of the Fort 
  • Restoration of the Blacksmith Shop

Please help us continue funding critical restoration and preservation projects at Sutter's Fort by making a donation today. 










Blacksmith Shop Rennovation

Renovation and Restoration of the Blacksmith Shop

Through a generous $26,000 donation from our friends at the Sacramento Pioneer Association, the Blacksmith Shop at Sutter's Fort was fully restored in Spring of 2017. This is the first restoration of the Blacksmith shop since 1890! 


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Carpenter Ramada Restoration

Carpenter's Ramada Restoration

A tremendous THANK YOU to the Sacramento Area Woodworkers (SAW), Sutter's Fort volunteer docents, and California State Parks staff for the rapid rebuild of the Carpenter's Ramada!

Destroyed in this winter's storms in 2015, it took a team effort to restore this section of Sutter's Fort.  

The Sacramento Area Woodworkers are a talented group who very generously donated their time, knowledge and skills, braved the heat and made quick work of the project. 

Friends of Sutter's Fort Steve Prey led this effort with a great deal of pre-work on the scope and design, project planning, recruiting the Sacramento Area Woodworkers and his day-of efforts. California State Parks's maintenance team, handled a huge amount of prep and on-site work and without their skills and hard work, the day would not have gone so smoothly. 

For a fun overview - see the build in quick time: FOSF YouTube Channel

Exterior Wall Project


In 2015, the exterior walls of Sutter's Fort State Historic Park were painted. This labor intensive project was funded by the generous donations of Fair Oak resident and former business owner Ron Leineke.  

This important project revitalized the exterior of the Fort, and the paining helps to protect the historic structure from the elements. Rebuilt for the first time in the 1890's (to replace the adobe structure with more sturdy brick) then resurfaced in the 1950s (after damaging vines were removed), the iconic exterior walls of Sutter's Fort State Historic Park were in dire need of restoration to preserve the historic masonry.  The project took several months, and included repointing mortar, repairing cracks and applying fresh “breathable” paint to protect the surface. 

We are so thankful for the generosity of Mr. Leikeke, who was inspired to make this generous donation after driving by Sutter's Fort and noticing its decay and need for restoration. 






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